Dark and Light

Without the dark, we would not really enjoy the light. 

It’s a simple though, but one I have written on a little piece of paper in my wallet, just to remind me.

Yesterday I returned to my home in Emerald, Queensland, after a magical two-week holiday on the Sunshine Coast. 

I visited my friends, I lectured at my old university and I also graduated from university and I have returned home with my brand spanking new Bachelor of Journalism. 

I cried, for at least one hour of the ten-and-a-half hour drive home. 

I cried this morning. 

I cried again ten minutes ago.

Because I miss my friends, I miss that knowledge that no matter what there is someone who has your back. 

I know they still have it now, but being so far away makes things bloody difficult. 

But I laughed so much during the past fortnight that I can’t dwell on the sadness, but instead need to remember all the fun I had with the people I love. 

I’m so lucky to have them in my life, and now I just need to start saving madly to go and visit them all again.


So ring your friends, tell them you love them and have a chat. Ask them if they like buttons – that’s sure to kick off the conversation.